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Frog Orange Fireworks has two outlets in Oxford; Frog Orange Party in Jericho and Frog Orange in Headington. We pride ourselves on selling the best quality, award-winning fireworks that are available on the market. From the small selection boxes and garden fireworks to the largest single ignition cakes, we stock the lot. All of our staff are fully trained and know their fireworks. They will have seen every firework we sell and will be able to advise you on what is right for you. We are passionate about fireworks and only sell the very best brands available. We know you'll love our fireworks.



Screeching Demons
In StockScreeching Demons£80.00
The Barrage Bag
In StockThe Barrage Bag£130.00
Pyro Wizard
In StockPyro Wizard£55.00
In StockFirestorm£100.00
Double Dare Rocket Pack
In StockDouble Dare Rocket Pack£35.00
In StockBedlam£95.00
Get In
Out of StockGet In£95.00
In StockBlizzard£8.00
Gala Selection Box
In StockGala Selection Box£58.00
Out of StockEndurance£175.00
The Big Finish
In StockThe Big Finish£80.00
Ultimate Showdown
In StockUltimate Showdown£21.00
Whispering Charm
In StockWhispering Charm£16.95
Out of StockStalagmite£15.00
The Whopper Rocket
In StockThe Whopper Rocket£29.99
Star Blaster Rocket Pack
In StockStar Blaster Rocket Pack£30.00
Maximizer Rocket
In StockMaximizer Rocket£29.99
Poisonous Spiders
In StockPoisonous Spiders£60.00
Fiesta Selection Box
In StockFiesta Selection Box£30.00
Willow Trees
In StockWillow Trees£23.00

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4 The Parade, Windmill Road,
Headington, Oxford OX3 7BL
Tel: 01865 766777
179 Kingston Road, Jericho,
Oxford OX2 6EG
Tel: 01865 311266
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