Is it okay to set off some fireworks in my garden tonight?
Yes! You can set off fireworks in your own garden every night (or day) of the year so long as it is not between the hours of 11pm and 7am. On Chinese New Year, Diwali and New Year's Eve this period is extended until 1am. On Guy Fawkes' Night the period is extended until midnight. 

Is it okay to let off some fireworks in the park?
No. It is illegal to let off fireworks in the park, the street, the beach or any other public place. 

How come you sell fireworks all year round?
Frog Orange holds a special licence that allows us to sell fireworks every day of the year.

Do you do any deals?
Yes, when we want to make room for new stock, we do. Check out our current special offers here.

I don't know what to buy?
We always offer free advice to all of our customers. Just ask. People's needs differ greatly and we will help make certain you have the right fireworks for you/your event. Please see "What's best for me?" for more information on this. 

Can you do a display for us?
No, we are not a display company, we are retailers. Our fireworks are so good though, that people often say they felt like they had done a professional job in their own garden. 

Our kids are too small for sparklers, what should we give them instead? 
Glowsticks! Much safer. 

Can you get me some jumping jacks or bangers?
No. Many types of fireworks that adults remember from their childhood are no longer available. These include bangers and fireworks of erratic flight. 

Do I need insurance?
Most decent household policies will cover any risk associated with domestic fireworks. If in doubt, check with your insurance company. You will definitely need special cover if you are running a public event. 

What does Category 1, 2, 3 and 4 mean?
Category 1 fireworks are suitable for indoor use;
Category 2 fireworks are garden fireworks and require a minimum of 5 metres safety distance;
Category 3 fireworks are display fireworks  and should be viewed from a minimum of 25 metres safety distance;
Category 4 fireworks require a special licence to use. These are only to be used by pyrotechnic experts. We do not sell Category 4 fireworks.

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