Safety Advice

At Frog Orange Fireworks, we are passionate about the responsibility and understanding that is imperative when selling fireworks to the public. So, in addition the The Firework Code (at the bottom of this page), we have written our own safety guide for all our customers to refer to: 

Before your display
Read all the instructions for each firework. 
Keep your fireworks dry and away from any sources of ignition.
Ensure that any fireworks packed in Pyromesh are separated from their packaging and or any plastics are removed. Fireworks and fuses are delicate so handle with care.
When unpacking your fireworks do so in a safe, well-lit environment away from sources of ignition. 
Never smoke when handling fireworks.
Considering your site/garden
Ensure that your fireworks are a safe distance from your spectators.
Also consider any hazards such as buildings, trees or overhead power lines.
Remember that the safety distance on your box of fireworks (it may be 5m or 25m) is just a MINIMUM distance, hence we would recommend that you keep your firing site as far from the crowd as practically possible.
Bear in mind where the debris from your fireworks (burning embers, plastics & rocket sticks) will land. 
Think about the prevailing wind direction - if possible try to place your audience upwind of the firing site. 
It is the organiser's responsibility to ensure the safety of the crowd, so make sure all entrance and exit points are well lit and far enough away from the firing area.
If you are organising an event which members of the general public will attend then you need to consider your public liability. Ask your insurance provider for more details. 
Your Display
All persons responsible for firing the display should be familiar with the firing order and which fireworks they are responsible for lighting. 
You should ensure that no unauthorised persons enter the firing area. If necessary appoint a steward for this purpose. 
Any person under the influence of alcohol or drugs must not handle or be responsible for the lighting of fireworks. 
Never aim fireworks across the crowd.
Keep fireworks or set pieces 10ft apart to avoid cross ignition.
Wear non flammable clothing, heat resistant gloves and safety goggles.
Children must be supervised at all times.
Never leave fireworks unattended.
Should any firework fail to ignite, DO NOT APPROACH FOR 15 MINUTES after the display has finished and then douse with water or dry powder and leave for 24 hours before discarding. 


  •  You must be 18 to buy fireworks and sparklers;
  •  Only buy fireworks marked with either BS7114, BS EN 14035 or BS EN 15947;
  •  Follow the instructions on each firework;
  •  Don't drink alcohol if setting off firworks;
  •  Keep fireworks in a closed tin or box;
  •  Light them at arm's length using a taper;
  •  Stand well back;
  •  Never go back to a lit firework;
  •  Never put fireworks in your pocket;
  •  Never throw fireworks;
  •  Always supervise children around fireworks;
  •  Light sparklers on at a time and wear gloves;
  •  Never give sparklers to a child under five. Ensure that children wear gloves when handling      sparklers;
  •  Keep pets indoors;
  • It is illegal for anyone under 18 to possess fireworks in a public place.

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